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Network Communication

Network Communication


  • Switched network , Data is transferred from the source to the destination node via a relationship series

  • Circuit-switched network, The way of communication is realized between two stations through a network of nodes common example: the telephone network. 
  • Packet-switched network, data is sent in a series of small pieces, called packets. each packet passes through the network from node to node along the path that connects the source to the destination. Common examples: communication terminal to computer and computer to computer.
  • Broadcast network, there is a transmitter / receiver that communicates through a medium that is distributed by the other stations. A transmission from one station to be broadcast and received by all other stations. A simple example: CB Radio System. In the latter case the data is transmitted in packets, because the medium is divided, only one station at a time can transmit a packet.
  • Packet radio networks, stations located within the transmission range of each other and broadcast (broadcast) directly to each other.
  • Satellite networks, the data is not transferred directly from the transmitter to the receiver but relayed via satellite: each transmitting station to the satellite and receives from satellites. 

Local networks, The usual form of broadcasting is the LAN. LAN is a communications network that covers a small area such as a building or a small part of the building

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